25.9.21 La Ferme du Bonheur

21.9.21 Le Générateur

30.8.21 Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers

28.8.21 Zone Sensible / Parti Poétique

30.7.21 Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

25.7.21 Gallerie d'Art d'Auvers / Oise

24.7.21 Instants chavirés

19.6.21 CAGNAR



25/02 Pretty Hard, Set, London

Curation + improvised duo with James l. Malone

10/02 Ambient rituals, Set, London

Presentation of new work + curation.


30/09 Attention span outre-atlantique, Casa del popolo, Montreal

Curation + rework of previous NYC live set.

24/09 Real eyes real lies realize, Bar Le Ritz Pdb, Montreal

Presentation of Lava Script + curation

18/09 - Trash Panda qc, Mezzanine swimmers... Alphaville, NYC

Electro-acoustic live set and curation.

15/09 - We went unconsciously from speaking about, Museum without Building, New-York City

Live installation with Aida Rebull. Sound, sculpture, video

23/06 - Two ears / cut section, Tout Terrain II (TT2), 79 Cartier-Bresson, Paris

Listening installation, transparent tubes.

22/02 - No Time Draft, Umbral #40, Mexico City

Electra-acoustic composition for extreme stereo speaker arrangmenent, created and performed for Umbral.

09/02 - Sound showers, Tout Terrain, 79 Cartier-Bresson, Paris

Sound installation in public showers: large metallic bowl, vibratory speaker.


25/11 – Lava Script, Lava High Heal #5, Paris

Composition for quadriphonic sound system.

26/10 - Intoxication, En chair et en son, Issy-Les Moulineaux / Paris

Composition for acousmonium and butoh: interrupting long eerie drones with bare recordings of a food poisoning episode.

9/10 - Duos, 79 Cartier-Bresson, Pantin / Paris

Audiovisual concert with Joseph Bona as part of a self-curated night of duos.

16/09 – La nouvelle adresse (CNAP), Pantin / Paris

Performance for the CNAP in their new building with 4 participants living in a squat on the same premises.

26/08 -23/09 Live =, Cneai, Pantin / Paris

Curation: festival of sound performances

Concerts on the week-end and residencies during the week.

27, 28, 29/07 - kitchen, Escales Liées, Paris

15 performances in and out of a community kitchen in the cultural and scientific park of La Villette. With Léo Dupleix, using water, sine tones, voice, air dryers and balloons.

9/6 – Walls1, Esperienza Pepe, Venice

Sound performance in an abandoned casern with Leo Dupleix in three parts :

1. Improvisation on the bronze lid of a well with voice and vibratory speakers.

2. Performance with a speaker, projecting echos against the wall of the yard, bending pitches of roaring drones by pressing speaker against the walls and contrasting architectural volumes (open air vs. the confinement of a network of arches).

3. Riding bikes on the first floor with two other participants, singing long, horizontal notes to be activated rhythmically by the windows.

20/04 – 26 Chaises, Paris

Three parts sound performance with Leo Dupleix in a small gallery using vibratory speakers, objects (including furniture) and voice:

1 interdependent improvisation with transducers, microphone and table.

2 decentralizing performance space by moving chairs and tables throughout the room.

3 sitting with the public, singing and opening doors


16/12 - Hiver, Cneai, Paris

Exhibition with Adrian Lopez on three different floors including a cinematic interior-exterior and an immersive leaf storm.

8/12 - Les Grands Voisins, Paris

Interpretation of a visual score by Esteban Anavitarte. Discrete and gradual manifestation behind the public with beer bottles, flute beaks and voice.

9/7 - Solo, Hundred Years Gallery, London

Solo set in the dark confusing a saxophone recording to a live set with flute beaks.

28/06 - Invitation, Iklektik, London

Conceptual performance with Lo Wie. Using the fact of not being announced, breaking a few glasses behind the bar gradually amplified on speakers across the room, followed by an improvisation with the remaining glasses and broken bits.


MA Film and Screen, Goldsmiths

BA Film Studies, University of Southampton